Soil moisture sensor module model sr1

soil humidity sensor

How to use the sr1 model soil moisture meter module?

Here we will guide you so that you can use the module or the sr1 model soil moisture sensor and you will learn how to set up and use this sensor, but first of all we will introduce you to this sensor. To better understand the applications of the hygrometer sensor and use it. Of course, you can get enough information about the sr1 model sensor on the store page of this product.

As the name of this sensor suggests, it is a soil moisture meter sensor that can measure the amount of moisture in all types of soil well and with high accuracy. This module consists of two main parts, one part is the electronic unit and the other part is the electrodes that are placed inside the soil. The material of the electrodes is made of stainless steel and is very resistant, which makes it not rust and damage inside the soil. not see and have high resistance in the conditions and types of soils and do not suffer from corrosion. You can see the full package of soil moisture sensor model sr1 in the picture below.

You can see how to use this module in the video below

How should we use the sensor?

This module works with a voltage of 3.3 to 5 volts dc, which is very low consumption and you can use a battery to run it. The sensor has two sockets, which is a two-pin socket for connecting the prop or the electrodes that are supposed to be placed inside the soil, on the other side, there are power supply and signal output sockets of the module, which come with special cables and sockets. Presented to you. The above module produces two types of outputs, one in the form of an analog signal and the other in the form of a digital signal. In other words, it reports the state and level of soil moisture in two forms, an analog signal and a digital signal.

You can use any of these output signals according to your needs, and the sr1 sensor has the ability to connect to any type of microcontroller, including Arduino, types of AVR micros, or types of ARM micros, etc., so you can use unlimited use it


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