What is ifarmcare?

It is a smart farming ecosystem based on artificial intelligence

Saving water consumption and timely and accurate irrigation

Accurate and timely irrigation

Greater efficiency of product production

Greater efficiency of product production

Products without diseases and pests

Products without diseases and pests

Control and monitor everything remotely

What sectors do we cover in agriculture?

Greenhouse automation

If you want to have a fully smart greenhouse or you have a greenhouse that you want to be smart and fully automated, you can rely on ifarmcare solutions.



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Smart hydroponic cultivation

Hydroponic cultivation is a very cost-effective method of cultivation, and it will be more cost-effective by using ifarmcare smart systems.



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Precise control and monitoring of farms and orchards

You can monitor and control hectares of land just by using your mobile phone, and manage the entire process from planting to harvesting without physically being on the farm. Want to know how? Click to read more.

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How does ifarmcare work?

The latest smart irrigation products and modern agriculture

It may seem that setting up an Smart farming system is expensive !

But what if we prove to you that these costs will be compensated in a short period of time and this system will start generating capital ?

Control everything in your hands (don’t miss a moment)

Our robots do all the work

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