First of all, we should see why we need to use greenhouses to produce agricultural products?

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Climate change, at the same time as population growth, has put a lot of pressure on agriculture, and the demand for food, especially for agricultural products, is increasing every month.
One of the things that slows down the production of agricultural products is the weather. A storm, unwanted changes, unusual heat and cold that we are witnessing a lot these days and this situation will become more unstable will make it impossible to grow all kinds of agricultural products in the fields and in the open air.
Therefore, the use of greenhouses is a very good option so that we can plant and harvest agricultural products regardless of the weather conditions, and the increase of greenhouses will increase the production and productivity of agricultural products.

Smart greenhouse based on artificial intelligence

What is the concept of a smart greenhouse and how is it different from non-smart greenhouses?

In ordinary and non-intelligent greenhouses, the whole process, especially the maintenance and care of the products after planting, is one of the main challenges. Careful care includes watering on time and according to the size of the plants, setting the humidity level of the environment, setting the temperature of the environment and Air quality, as well as continuous monitoring of plants to prevent diseases and pests, are among the things that must be carefully monitored so that the final product produced is healthy and complete, as well as to have the least loss of agricultural products.
It is clear that all this process in non-intelligent greenhouses is done by human forces and automation tools, which has a high cost for the producer and also has low accuracy, that is, it cannot maximize the efficiency of a greenhouse.
This is where intelligent systems based on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are considered a necessary issue for making greenhouses smarter. Equipping greenhouses with monitoring and control systems based on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, in addition to reducing the production costs of agricultural products, will maximize the productivity of the produced products and the greenhouse, and minimize losses in production. Have agricultural products in smart greenhouses

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